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Fairy Tail Chapter 499: “Gray vs Juvia” | Review

Not sure how anybody sees a “G” in “J”. Lol.

Today marks, what I probably think, is the most tragic chapter to ever befall upon Fairy Tail. Nothing ever has been as magically touching in this series before, set aside the Igneel & Natsu encounter perhaps but I think this chapter beats it by a long shot. Let us dive into the chapter immediately!

So without further ado, saa ikimasho?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 498: “Gray vs Invel” | Review

Hot thoughts there Hiro.

*Note: pictures are courtesy of their rightful owners and Hiro Mashima, I do not own these and all credits and all rights are reserved to them*

Okay guys, so here we are, my comeback with the Fairy Tail reviews. If you know me from my old blog at Blogger, I have a certain style in which I do my reviews, I’ll try keep the pace fresh, forward and and clear! Look forward to more and read on, my fellow guild members!

Well then without further ado, saa ikimasho?
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