Into The New World

Soar into the sky and drop all your problems to the grounds

2016. The year of tragic celebrities’ deaths, like David Bowie, Alan Rickman, but also the year of extreme political turbulence in the form of the U.S. presidential election, choosing between evil and the lesser evil it has been said. But moreover, 2016 was a difficult year for me. 2016 is the year of broken relations and new beginnings. 

You may best remember me as an average “Internet celebrity” on Instagram but I’ve also written a number of good blog posts over the years with one on Blogger being left a bit in the cold and the other sadly deleted. I’ve returned because I know several of you have been asking for it, I also feel that this is one of the best traits I have; write my pain or love in the form of a digestible, readable piece for everybody, with the intention of sharing lively experiences. 

For those who don’t know what I previously did, I made a decent name for myself as a person who did skincare reviews but I also write lifestyle, fashion as well reviewing anime/manga by popular demand, haha. To all my readers, I’ll pick up with all of these again and the next Fairy Tail review shall be done on its next release, so stay tuned!

I’ve realized by now that in life there’s no such thing as a winner or a loser, life is like an apocalyptic weather storm, it damages, molds you, wears you but at the end of it all you either fall or you stand and succumb to it another day. Those who survive fight to live up to their own expectations and dreams, those who fall give up and falter. Even in this particular statement, I don’t point the survivor as the winner, nor the fallen as the loser. In fact I have had done both. I fell and I stood. I’ve learned in life but especially in 2016 that the journey towards the end result matters just as much. 

I traversed through distance and time and found love. Sad as it may be, it was not my time as she left me. I was heartbroken to the point where I felt like I was becoming mad. But as I saw my love giving up on me, I also turned my eye to my family in Singapore as I saw how the relations start to deteriorate after weeks. I felt I was standing in the middle of a vicious circle of sheer depression and negativity I had no single hope of ever escaping. Media depicts depression as a Beverly Hill privilege where you get a fancy shrink, a resort to stay in, a couple of antidepressants meds and a name tag so that people will pity you. But really, is self pity and being pitied a nice thing? 

The latter isn’t but the former is acceptable to a certain degree. You have to learn that it’s okay to let people help you, to let people pity. I’ve learned that and I’ve learned that it’s okay to depend on people too occasionally. Love reaches us in so many different forms and everybody is capable of extending that to us, it is up to us to accept and reciprocate and I think we should as it would improve our morales and overall human psyche. 

So to those reading who have helped me and left me, thank you very much for you support and love, I will always cherish you in my memories and I will always wish the best for you and your future endeavors. To those who have always sticked around and will always be probably, I’m so grateful to have you, I’m very happy to feel that there is a need for me, thank you for allowing me to exist in your personal lives. For the sake of both of these groups I won’t hesitate to keep on reinventing myself, keep myself happy, healthy and be a beacon of light and support too. 

Thank you all for reading, I love my readers very much, please send your love and support and be updated on my next endeavors! 



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