One Magic: Love

Love is like the sweetest macaron

Happy Monday, sweet readers. To those who already came back from work, I hope your start of the week wasn’t too shabby. To those in doubt of still going, hey Tuesday is another day. If you can afford to do that, that is. Lol. 

The course of true love; never did run smooth.

Love, some call it a basic human need, others call it sinful magic which induces lust by none other than Lucifer himself. Love is the beginning and love is the end. I believe that everything is love. And that is a broad statement I am going to clarify (shortly as possible). 

Love is life, to live is to love and having even a bit of love inside of you urges you to be competitive. Every human being has a thing or two he or she yearns, likes, adores. Surely that must be weaker offsprings of the mighty deity of love itself right? We fight amongst ourselves for the right person to end up with, the best job, the best status we can get. Because we love it. Because we want to be admired. Because we enjoy doing it. All of these simple situations can be tracked back to love. 

Now why did I start on writing a post about love? As I’ve let you all know in the previous posts, I used to come from a dark space, got happy and then got savagely thrown back into the dark deep again. All because I was pursuing love. But. Remember, just because your love life shattered like a cheap Swarovski knock off crystal heart, doesn’t mean you should give up. And I won’t. Because I told myself that love extends itself like the branches of an almighty tree of life, this case being; love. 

Be competitive, know your limits and your strengths but really it’s a game we’ve been playing unknowingly our entire life. Only you decide the “moral rules” (legally there are restrictions of course, let’s not forget that) and you ultimately can declare yourself the winner of that game. 

Take a page out of my book of experience, called my life (now that sounded really like a forced sentence from a bad daytime soap opera script), I’m going on a date Wednesday, I’ll let you guys know how it went, I’m hopeful but I know I have to stay realistic and optimistic for any situation that is prone to happen. I’m going to throw myself out on the market and define myself as a reliable person to be with in a relationship. 

Lay it carefully out for yourself, redefine yourself if you have to. Go over your qualities and assess which qualifies you have to control and which you have to sharpen. Be competitive and place yourself determinedly out there. Whether it’s for your love life, your hobbies or job. As much as I like to define love, the true definition of it, is something every individual does differently. 

You have my love and my support and I’ll be your reader and listener if you want me to. Acknowledge yourself before you can acknowledge the path before and just be sure to stay optimistic as well as criticizing if you have to along the way. 

With that I wish you all a fine start of the week and I’ll catch up with you all soon!



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