Hair Freedom

Twinkle Twinkle gwaechana…

Hair frames the face. Okay that’s actually the eyebrows but heck, the hair on a man or woman’s head exudes a certain aura of power, lust and admiration. Not to mention the color. What people often seem to forget is the hair color that actually defines a person’s first impression. So topic of today: Hair Color Revolution. Mine HAHA. 
In my short life span I have donned a decent amount of colors, unlike the average guy who usually sticks with his own or just one hair color for fun. Then again as an “eoljjang sensation” (okay I’m guilty of nicknaming myself that), I kinda strive towards a sensational list of other colors I wish to add to my “wore it collection”, you know so that you have something to tell your kids. And because the K-pop industry makes it look so easy. Lol.

Let’s look at the colors with pictures from yours truly from really long ago till recent. 

Look at that adorable face! Lol. Not.

BLACK (1996-July 2015): Yes I was or actually still am an original black haired “Devil Who Wears Prada”. Now people have always told me, “don’t dye your hair”, “keep it natural”, “people will like you for your originality”, yeah and to me that was actually the biggest personal urban myth I’ve disproven. I wasn’t particularly adored nor frowned upon as a black haired boy. I was just the regular Asian trying to fit into an airtight all western community full of blondes and several brunettes, so having a boy with black hair sure brought some attention you might say haha. But it didn’t lol. Asian complex. Double Asian standards perhaps haha. I felt that having black hair had so many downsides and I’ll tell you why. 

  • Black hair attracts heat instantly and proficiently 

Hate it when that happens, especially during summers or when you’re exercising, it absorbs heat more potently than any other color according to physics and personally it causes me to have real headaches and sweating/icky/greasy hair more easily. 

  • Most common hair color 

I don’t know whether it’s scientifically proven but if my facts weren’t wrong I think black hair color is part of a dominant gene, therefore more easier transferable and it’s a hair color that makes up for a large portion of the world. Try feeling special walking in a crowd in China or Japan lol (not being racist here, just stressing out that their hair color is predominantly dark)

  • THE most difficult hair to color/dye

Arguably the toughest hair color to dye because it’s so incredibly strong, which means that you either have to bleach it, which isn’t good for your hair, or dye it over several times, which is also not good for your hair. Lol. Choosing between two evils. Difficult, oh so difficult. 

  • Black is the strongest, harshest color

Black hair can easily be the most dominating, full and powerful color in existence. I feel that when I have this color I unnecessarily get looked at as older, bitchier and more static. It works for other people but not me. It just pushes me off the cliff instead of giving me an oomph. 

Definitely had a blast with black hair but I don’t think I’ll ever get back to it based on these simple reasons. It doesn’t give the variety I want when I want to change hair colors but I think when I become old and decrepit or need to give my hair a break, I’ll revert back to my old black hair self. 

Look at model me haha!

BROWN (July 2015-March 2016): Okay, can I first say that I was really proud of this shot? I thought it looked awesome! And I was thrilled to have a different hair color for the first time in my life. So stuff I like about this hair color? Well it was from the Etude House bubble line, it was really cheap and easily applicable which made me happy. I’m not going to make bullet points for all hair colors though, the black hair was the one that made me cringe most haha. I still felt that while being a brunette, I had maintained a strong look, albeit less and still felt the heat absorption here and there. Overall it was an exciting experience dying my hair the first time. 

Doe like eyes she said…

RED/ROSE PINK (March 2016-May 2016): Initially I was going for a blonde makeover but found out that the hair dye was so weak, I switched to red on a frantic and frustrated whim. Initially also meant to be the color “Rose Pink” by Missha, it turned out reddish, much to my ex’s happiness. She adores the red hair color and so she loved it on me haha. This was one of the funniest hair colors I’ve ever had, mainly because I did this by accident. Also one of the toughest hair colors to maintain in terms of brows. I like to keep my brows the same color or at least lighter for a softer look so I had to match my hair color by using dark pink eyeshadow, and yes people started noticing it in class. Damn it. Overall people thought this was a cool color and I thought so too. Although the stares from outsiders and my family about my evenly colored brows weren’t always appreciated…

I like how my lips turned out here.

Dark Blonde (May 2016 – August 2016):

Killer hair. Everybody loved it. So did I. Really again only the downside to having or actually maintaining blonde hair if you’re not actually blonde are the roots. And damn are they a pain reminder of the beautiful hair you couldn’t naturally grow. I felt and feel (I’m currently still blonde) that blonde hair gives the most softest look possible for any person. The lighter, the better. It just makes you look much younger and so much even that I’ve been recognized as somebody who’s 17/18 while I’m 20 in reality! Or it could partially be the Asian gene haha, who knows?


LIGHT BLONDE (August 2016-present):

Breakthrough of all hair colors and easily the most expensive one I ever had. To professionally get this color I had to have my hair bleached and done in a salon and I have not regretted it any day after! It’s the most softest color I donned and it just look gorgeous don’t you think? Just having this hair for a short time already made many people rave and admire how well it looks on me! The biggest problem I had with this hair color though is that I had to go to another salon to tint my eyebrows in order for it to match. I sense this will be the most tedious and expensive hair color to maintain but hey an Asian with goldilocks hair? I’d give anything to be that any time of the day! 

Anyways I’ll let you know when I change hair color again, in the meantime please send lots of your love and support and let me know what your toughest or most beloved hair color was/is! Don’t fret to tell me which hair color you’re dyeing to try (I had to do that sorry)!



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