Old Pal Meet Up

If only all friendship would be an easy walk

True friendships are golden and real friendships last long. So if you’re wondering why you’re still hanging out with that same jerk from junior high 20 years ago, it might mean that you were meant to be pals for life. 

Today I met up with one of my oldest pals in secondary school. We’ve known each other since 2010, that’d be almost six year ago and since that time we’ve been project partners, rivals, but actually really good friends. My relationship with him may look like a very professional, sarcastic one, but we understand each other well. That’s most important. Nowadays there are very little people we could call our family or friends, so whoever comes along and treats you well you gotta put up with them. Guys being guys of course, it’s harder for me to talk about my feelings and personal things, so definitely those are the kind of things I miss but yeah you can’t be picky with who you are friends with. 

There are not many people I honestly call my friend and remembering the times I left him or some others to pursue my own stuff or romance, really makes me feel bad. I feel sorry for not always being a good friend, so if you read this, I hope you’ll accept them. 

Maybe it’s time for me to call up my other friends and see how they have been doing, I’m not sure whether they want to see me or they even remember me but it’s worth a shot. Amongst all the new people I met, the people who left me, it’s comforting to just have a small chit chat even if it’s for a while. 

Have friends always meant much to you, or were you more a family person? I know I was always a bit on my own. So hopefully I can turn these tides around, loneliness is the most sickliest thing to have. Alright, thank you all again for reading, I’ll be back with you peeps soon <3!



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