“Lol’ing” at the lonely eater


Wow. So it’s been probably a gazillion years since I last ate at my favorite restaurant. Well kind of fast food-y restaurant. It’s prepared quickly okay and it isn’t KFC, so it’s a restaurant. Sort of haha. Seriously I think it’s been about three months I think? Time goes by really fast, including my one month stay in Singapore. 
Yeah so I’m that person who eats with whatever residual awkward feelings lol. Eat when you’re sad. Eat when you’re lonely. Predominantly the latter haha. Since many of my Dutch friends don’t really like Asian food, I often find myself venturing inside these restaurants all by my self. Not that that’s a bad thing, I can act as a beast and devour my food like the animal I am. 

I recall when being in Singapore, I’ve noticed lots of lonely eaters. I was one of them at some point but definitely one of them here. It’s basically one person eating a whole bunch of food and hogging up family space unnecessarily with their groceries or shopping bags. Yes me too, I also am able to go on destructive shopping sprees haha. In a way it’s sad to see people like that sitting alone, even though they’re on their phones. I know I feel lonely but beef helps clear that most of the time. 

Hmm, there’s not really a moral of the day here, other than me finally visiting my favorite spot after such a long time and the fact that I eat alone :’). I guess the spell of the day is; if you eat with friends, you enjoy companion and if you eat alone, you enjoy food haha. 

Alright let’s stay in touch my dear readers, until the next post! See you!



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