Date A Live Chapter I: I’m Alive Again!

Starting anew. A blank slate like the white rose.

What do you say to yourself after having a date? Glad it’s over? Could it have been better? Enjoy the memory you had just now? So many reasons. Mine was a simpler one though; for me it was one critical thing. I moved on with life. 

Cause baby you’re a firework, shine like 4th of July. Or something like that. Yep, 4th of July is when I thought it all ended. Yada yada yada, I went through a hell of a mental torture, I felt the chills of the ninth circle, it was true horror. Even though according to my cousin’s daughter, whom I kinda take as my own cousin myself (it’s a bit complicated cause we’re three years apart only), I pulled a Rihanna, yes I changed looks, dyed my hair and went on a destructive shopping spree, it still didn’t entirely kill my pain. Today marks the official day where I think I can say that I have moved on. It’s all over now. I’ve had a great time with a super nice girl I met and I hope she also had a nice time with me. 

It’s the first time in ages since I had a proper date with a girl I actually haven’t previously met. It was definitely really nerve wrecking but I could tell that the ice was broken pretty quickly. All first dates, in my opinion, have their fair share of awkward silences or just plain silences, so it’s really normal. I think the moral of today’s story is that you shouldn’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you look dishonest. There wasn’t really any hand holding involved or kissing but from her hug, I felt that we were warming up towards each other. 

Watching a film of where we both had some sort of prior knowledge really helped and I feel for one that this movie date didn’t go as bad as many call it to be. Finding Dory on its own was a rather decent movie, not the best of what I’ve watched in 2016, but it was fun. Fun because of her. I really like her a lot and I hope that there will be more to than meets the eye to us together. 



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