Fairy Tail Chapter 498: “Gray vs Invel” | Review

Hot thoughts there Hiro.

*Note: pictures are courtesy of their rightful owners and Hiro Mashima, I do not own these and all credits and all rights are reserved to them*

Okay guys, so here we are, my comeback with the Fairy Tail reviews. If you know me from my old blog at Blogger, I have a certain style in which I do my reviews, I’ll try keep the pace fresh, forward and and clear! Look forward to more and read on, my fellow guild members!

Well then without further ado, saa ikimasho?

Definitely worthy of the title Spriggan 12

 Gray has had his fair share of unnecessarily tough opponents. Juvia (barely even a fight but okay nonetheless), Ultear, Silver and now Invel. It seems to me that Hiro Mashima likes to develop Gray in a way by forming his character to face off against these strong opponents. Always against the odds and always at some disadvantage, Gray definitely had to use his brains to figure out a definite win. Invel being Zeref’s right hand man, I’d love however to see this proceed in a much more interesting battle of minds rather than power. Given the crap we’ve seen with other Spriggan 12 members, can’t we at least hope for a fight that isn’t pre-determined?

Hack and slash.

Okay okay, sure Spriggan 12 members aren’t all divinities but can’t we have a battle where they aren’t so taken in by surprise so quickly. Gray pulled out the Ice Devil Slayer card pretty quickly, one trump card he thought would make him victorious but luckily for us, Invel’s keen intellect doesn’t let up and actually plays on this interesting plot progression. 

This made the fight really interesting.

This part of the chapter actually made me fall of my chair, so to speak. We haven’t seen much of Brandish’s power other than a supportive role in shrinking wounds or enlarging or shrinking mass for her own pleasure, this side of her Matter magic really had me excited for future battles. If there are going to be any. My prediction is that even though she cannot betray Alvarez and the Spriggan 12, her refusal to fight Fairy Tail will draw her back into defending herself from the likes of August, Irene or Dimaria. This magic of hers reminds me of Master Makarov’s Titan magic, his magic was transferable to people like that painter dude in the guild but I’ve never seen him actually increase or decrease mass in objects or people at will. Maybe Hiro is just out of ideas but anyways, giant Brandish is giant win haha. 

This is too good

Whenever there’s a battle for Gray, it always has to touch the heart somehow, he was forced to fight his mentor’s daughter, his own mentor, his own father and now the woman who’s so hopelessly in love with him. That’s tough stuff of course. What strikes me is Invel’s deep closeness with Zeref. He was already aware of the relationship between Zeref and Mavis but now it seems that Invel has also figured out Natsu as E.N.D. and Gray’s apparent destiny to destroy said demon. I don’t think this is a battle we’ll forget in a long time. 

Stay tuned for next week! Till death do them part!

Overall I thought the chapter was very engaging and not a single page was wasted, let’s move on to the final segments of my review for today. 


  • Gray vs Invel
  • Gray vs Juvia (initiated)
  • Elfman & Lisanna vs Ajeel
  • Mirajane vs Jacob
  • Minerva & Rogue vs Bloodman & Wahl Icht
  • Fairy Tail vs Alvarez Empire army


  • Brandish leaves with Natsu, Lucy & Happy
  • Invel forces Gray and Juvia to fight till the death

That wraps up the happenings of this week, on to the final part of this review!

Fairy Tail Chapter 498 Abitrament:

  • +Excellent progress, not a page wasted
  • +Battle of wits and tactics yet again instead of sheer power and one shotting
  • +Chapter leaves a wide variety of possibilities in the air, great for speculation
  • Sometimes the dialogue was a bit too cryptic and again Brandish’s giant form, while exciting, felt a bit as a rip off from Master Makarov’s Titan. 

Score: 8.5/10

Amazing chapter overall again. I like the pace Hiro is holding onto, it makes you feel the adrenaline rush of reading it alone haha. The tension is real and now having to force Gray in another life or death choosing situation again, albeit in a different jacket, was risky but a well played move. Very well played. 

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed this just as much as I have and I’ll see you again soon! 



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