Date A Live Chapter II: Feeling Screwed Means You’re Alive

Any and every mistake really.

Got this quote from a bestie. Quite the truth although we spend much of our time unnecessarily pondering over it. Not so much because we want to better ourselves but because we feel some sort of shame hanging over our heads. Make no mistake, you’re not any different and so am I. Let’s all just acknowledge it and do try to forget once in a while, right?

So I met up with a girl I contacted online via Tinder yesterday. Truly one of the most weirdest, yet surprisingly interesting meet ups I’ve ever had. I’ve always been that kind of person who plays it by the book, risk-free and by logics. She showed me how interesting life could be if you go abroad, by yourself, meet with different kind of people and just broaden your life experience. Surely she did some things that one might think was questionable like smoking and doing weed but surprisingly again it intrigued me. 

I arrived at this harbor town called Rotterdam, not exactly that far from where I live. She arrived about a whole hour later than I did cause she had some problems with her card. Okay cool, we talked and walked around and she wanted to try out a lot of things. She was very forwarded, down to earth and talking to her was fun. So here’s the highlight of my story. 

She asked me whether it was okay to bring a friend or rather meet up too. Imagine the look on my face, how awkward that was. Thankfully that didn’t take tooooo long and it wasn’t thaaaattt annoying. Mini rant incoming, I’ll keep the main rant for another future blog post concerning this issue, but I really wonder why girls like or don’t mind guys being complete jerks and morons. So this girl from Shanghai, wanted to taste Dutch food, didn’t know how to operate a vending machine which had the croquette in it. She had a purse with some coins and the guy overpaid the damn machine by an euro. Mr nice guy thought of being nice but ended up wasting HER money and then made it look as if it wasn’t a big deal. Oh yeah plus the fact that he asked her for two cigarettes to smoke during that meet up. I could feel the condescending tone as he spoke to me when he asked me where I studied and overall I could feel the hostility present there like, “where did you guys meet?”, “how did you get here?” and “what are you guys going to do now?”. I told my cousin about it and as much as I love her, yeah I should let it go, I feel it’s somewhat of my right bitching about it? I waited for the girl for about an hour and I travelled from quite a distance just to meet her. 

Maybe she didn’t think it was a date but more a showing around what we’ve got here in Holland kind of thing. Just for once I had hoped, please God, if there’s a God, lol, can’t I have a girl who I won’t lose to some idiot pig? Like I said before and I’ll probably create a separate post for that, I support woman emancipation but I DON’T see any type of woman emancipation in dating, relationships and love. And that’s got to change for the better of everybody’s sake. 

After that asshole left, come to think of it he’s older and I probably think he was just overall threatened by another Asian and a better looking one for that lol, the girl and I bonded. She’s a sweet looking girl and definitely cool but I don’t like the people she hangs around with. I rather be around people I know I can look up to in some way. We walked around a bit and travelled to the station again and took a train together. 

Nevertheless, kinda cool I didn’t treat her to anything or whatever; that would’ve made my mood even worse haha. In this day and age of equality and women emancipation, I don’t entirely believe the guy has to always be so courteous, pay for everything and be super attentive. That however doesn’t give him the right to be an asshole of course. Just kinda bugged me that my cousin is really really playing on that card of guys having to pull everything out of their arsenal and the girl can just happy go lucky accept it. Nope. If that’s the case, I’m staying single forever haha. 

At least I got a memory in the form of a photo out of it so that’s cool. Got something to show people my life isn’t so dead after all and showing not only my ex, who’s playing a game of chicken against me, but myself too, that I’m capable of being an independent and strongly confident person yet again. I told my other cousin, date as much as you can of course and have fun sure. But remember to stay responsible, mature and make every date count. Sure people will always tell you that you’re young but you’re not young forever, it doesn’t pay off to screw up all your dates and I don’t think it’s a good idea amongst your work and midlife crisis to still be looking for “the one” past your mid-forties. 

That’s my advice to you all. Keep on playing Tinder, allow miracles to happen, if they exist and please if you already put some time in dating, try and make it work. Life is about compromising, stay realistic, find somebody close to your ideal of perfect and both of you should learn to compromise in your relationship. Learn from each other and grow with each other. 

Until the next “Date A Live” update! Inspired by the anime haha, alright take care lovelies!



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