Un-wine-ing the day

The elixer that makes life less crappy.

So school’s starting formally on September 5th, with an intro on September 2nd. Great. Lol. Oh waiter, don’t bother pouring, just leave the bottle with me. 

It feels like as if only yesterday I departed for Singapore and then came back. It feels like a million things have happened all in the short two months of holiday. Living in a country far, far away from family, or perhaps even good food and the likes of that is really nibbling on my mind. And great. Going back to school with all the people I love and the course I enjoy doing most. Not. Lol. I know there are people who are dying to do law at where I study (I guess), but even so I feel that I’m not living up to any potential. Not living up to my dreams, not living up to my goals and that’s an issue to me. 

I’ve always been told to venture a career in modeling, entertainment kind of things but I feel I haven’t properly tried any of those. Living in Holland, I think this isn’t quite the place to promote an Asian, and a guy for seconds to become a supermodel or a person in the entertainment industry. Hence the reason people have recommended me to go to countries such as Japan or South Korea to try my luck there. Swayed with the temptation of having a different lifestyle, a more faster paced lifestyle, I feel it’s the right thing for me to do. When is that going to be? I don’t know. Studying past high school is being made hard for everybody as it is, set aside chasing the whole dreams thing. 

I think for now I’ll just keep up with what I’m doing, meet new people, see where the wind brings me and seize the opportunity of becoming part of the industry somehow. 



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