Fairy Tail Chapter 499: “Gray vs Juvia” | Review

Not sure how anybody sees a “G” in “J”. Lol.

Today marks, what I probably think, is the most tragic chapter to ever befall upon Fairy Tail. Nothing ever has been as magically touching in this series before, set aside the Igneel & Natsu encounter perhaps but I think this chapter beats it by a long shot. Let us dive into the chapter immediately!

So without further ado, saa ikimasho?

Gray & Juvia evenly matched.

There was definitely some fighting going on between the two, you could almost say they were evenly matched in this page. A major letdown for me is that when both of them slowly began to resist the ice lock magic it wasn’t mutually out of love. At least not for Gray. And I think after several hundreds of chapters, arcs and omakes, how long do you want to play the cold bastard? 

Close bond between the emperor and Invel.

I like how aside from Mavis, there is a “pawn” who knows Emperor Spriggan as the dark wizard Zeref. His family, his love interest. The way Invel cares for Zeref, yes I know shippers, “ZerVel” or “InRef” doesn’t sound too bad, I like how this bit is extended upon, we only got to see Invel as an obedient servant, but the likes of August and Brandish weren’t exactly that different in loyalty. Wanting Zeref to rule the world and defeat the evil that is Acnologia, I think it’s great that there is a human being out there, who supports Zeref’s cause other than a cult or his own demonic creations. Like a real comrade. 

Juvia’s most tragic end.

Make no mistake, Juvia’s resolution for suicide is out of love, a sacrificial protection if you will. Gray’s one is out of companionship. I think there’s a real difference in whether or not you want to harm your comrade or the love of your life. As I said before, the pain that Juvia feels, but as reader, it is so surreal. We’ve known Juvia to be the stalker-y, Gray obsessed “hot water chick” and this is the demise she gets? It’s simply mind blowing. 

Interesting magic…

“Water make” blood. Or blood magic. Or a water variant of the molding magic. This does actually make me think of the blood bending in Avatar: The Last Airbender to be honest. It’s incredible to see at least some fruits of Juvia’s hard labor. Juvia was always a talented Mage, a previous S-Class one at that and a nominated one for Fairy Tail. It’s only a shame that she never really showed any real potential in battle after the Phantom Lord arc, most of her battles were mirrored to Gray’s, meaning that she fought battles of tactics and emotions. And while those aren’t always the worst battles; I bet some of us would’ve loved to see her with her magic in action even more. 

Let’s hope Juvia’s death wont be in vain.

Juvia’s wish was for Gray to be inside of her, ironically now she is inside of him? Too soon? I guess it is.. But I had to make that joke haha. I can actually foresee Juvia, if it makes sense, shape a new body when Gray potentially pees or sweats, thus reviving herself in a water state form. But maybe it’s just fan talk. It’s really disheartening to see somebody as Juvia go. Gray never exactly reciprocated the feelings properly and now to have Juvia go like this, it’s the saddest thing you as a Juvia fan could wish for. 

Feeling a bit of DBZ here.

Personally I’d feel for a chapter where somehow Invel, given the fact that Fairy Tail always prevails against whatever odds, manipulates or breaks the ice (pun intended) to Gray that Natsu is in fact END. I can see the chapter actually going to that point just of the Game of Thrones stolen title chapter for next week haha. Invel is one of those Spriggan 12 members with a story to tell and some brains, I’d like Hiro to play that part out more often. Unlike God Serena, with whom we were all curious as to why he betrayed Fiore to Alvarez only for him to get one shorted by Acnologia and then again by Gildarts. Invel is on a level that exceeds Master Makarov and stands equal to the likes of Brandish and the others, barring August and Irene. Emotions and tactics work but only so far, sometimes you just need story telling to go unpredictable. I think Invel shouldn’t be one shorted just because Gray suddenly has a better reason to, magically got water magic transferred or whatsoever. 

Overall I thought the chapter was very engaging and not a single page was wasted, let’s move on to the final segments of my review for today. 


  • Gray vs Invel (resumed)
  • Elfman & Lisanna vs Ajeel
  • Mirajane vs Jacob
  • Minerva & Rogue vs Wahl Icht & Bloodman
  • Fairy Tail vs Alvarez Empire Knights


  • Juvia commits suicide to save Gray with her blood magic 😥
  • Gray vs Juvia concluded

That wraps up the happenings of this week, on to the final part of this review!

Fairy Tail Chapter 499 Arbitrament:

  • +Again another chapter without a page wasted
  • +No filler is always a plus
  • +Juvia saving Gray in the most logical manner explained (seriously kudos to you Hiro)
  • +Deeper look at Invel’s goals

Score: 10/10

The saddest chapter to date. And probably the saddest chapter that’ll ever be. It couldn’t get any more tragic than this and I feel for the loss of Juvia within Fairy Tail. Unless there is an even more logical explanation to revive Juvia, I really hope Hiro will leave her as she is, sometimes casualties happen in story writing and not everybody can get a happy end. Juvia held on to her promise to make sure that Gray would survive and the way it was set up in this chapter; the way that Juvia was actually going to live on in Gray, both figuratively and literally like this, I actually don’t think there’s an even prettier gift to the end of her story than this one. So thank you Hiro and please keep up the good work. You’ll be missed Juvia. 

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed this just as much as I have and I’ll see you again soon! 



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