Jolen Cream Bleach | Review

The irony of the box lady. Completely dark eyebrows haha.

Hello hello dear readers, today I have an interesting review for you all to read! You might think, “oh another review of this product?”, well think about this, if a lot of people review a product and share their experiences with you, it’ll only make your decision making easier, even if it’s just a tiny bit. 

Please don’t mind my roots…

I will say though, it is my first time bleaching my own eyebrows so please bear with me if you think you can or know you can do it better haha. My eyebrows were previously done in a professional salon in Singapore, although the dark natural hair color is slowly returning. I also hope this review will be an eye opener to guys who thought only girls/women are the ones who bleach their eyebrows or were too afraid for it being not masculine enough, so yeah you go dude make your brows the shade you want them to be! Bleach your eyebrows with confidence! 

Alright then without further ado, saa ikimasho! 

Compact and straight to the point.

When unboxing your Jolen cream, you’ll find:

  1. The cream base 
  2. The bleach in powder form
  3. A spatula
  4. A mixing cup
  5. A plastic sheet
  6. Instructions booklet

Now make sure that you’re definitely NOT missing out on numbers 1 & 2, they are vital to the process of your hair and/or skin bleaching. Okay so is the instruction booklet too, but it doesn’t take a genius to mix two components together. You might need it for the exact ratio though. Please note that if any you’re missing out on anything, the best thing you should do is return it to the store from where you got it or ship it back. Even though this isn’t the most priciest item in the world, how hard would it be to get all the items correctly in one box, right? 

The base cream!

The cream had a moderately soft texture which actually feels great on the skin, similarly to putting on some ointment.  Don’t forget as with all creams, sealing the container properly will prevent it from quality deterioration. 

The ratio should be 2:1 base cream.

The instructions on how much cream to put in the container is actually described on the backside of the box of the product. Now Jolen recommends you to fill the mixing cup until you’ve reached the designated line. I on the other hand, strongly recommend you to actually not fill it up that much, you’ll not finish it. Two to three gentles scoops from the cream base would make enough cream bleach for the eyebrows and unwanted facial hair or red spots on the face. The amount of bleach powder would be equal to the cap of the powder container. It is advisable to keep this direction, you don’t want to have any unwanted effects happening if you put in too much. If the results aren’t what you’re looking for, you can always apply more cream bleach later. 

Mix the components gently in the mixing cup until you have a slightly more pastier texture. It’s important to make sure that all the powder is fused in properly with the cream. You’re going to apply this to rather sensitive areas and since the powder is somewhat grainy, the last thing you’d want is a little bit of bleaching powder into your eyes. 

Furthermore, don’t double dip into the base cream container with the same spatula you use to mix the powder and the cream together to avoid contamination!

Waiting and waiting…

Apply as much of the cream you need on your eyebrows and wait approximately 8 minutes. If you feel a tingling, burning sensation, that’s just the bleach. In case of severe burning sensations or other symptoms, please remove the product immediately and seek medical help!

Yes, yes I look very tired lol…

Here’s the result after the first time bleaching/lightening my own eyebrows! It looks good to me but I do want it a shade or two lighter. I have naturally dark brows, so I personally have to apply it at least twice. In this case you’ll have to wait 5 to 10 minutes on your second application of the cream, to make sure it bleaches properly. 

Glad with that result!

And here we go! The end result of my amateurish bleaching LOL! My brows look much more lighter than the “before” pic. And overall it gives me a more softer look. Yes I’m one of those people who think brows should more or less match hair color. It just works better that way. 

Such a noticeable difference.

Alright let’s get on to my conclusions in this review!

Yorihoshitenshi’s Arbitrament:

  • +Relatively cheap, affordable cream
  • +Easy to apply cream and helpful instructions
  • +Reboxing the equipment is simple and doesn’t take much space in your cabinet/bathroom
  • Opening the bleach powder anytime does make mess

Is this product a “winner” or a “sinner”?

For me this product is definitely a winner. The low price point, the availability of the product, as well as the easily applicable and created cream makes this product a thorn in the eye of many brow salons. And you gotta love that right? Okay that’s maybe a little bit mean but €8,95 compared to €30 is definitely a win in my book, and we’re talking about a cream you can use for future applications compared to the one time only thirty bucks. Bring the salon experience back home, shall we say? And much more cheaper at that. I think there isn’t really much to say more about this product, other than me saying you should definitely get it if you want to lighten or even out your eyebrows, facial hair or facial red spots. Consumers had a problem and Jolen solved it in terms of price, availability and the easiness of applying the cream. 

SCORE: 5/5 

Perfect score because of all of the above haha. There’s no point in being a bit sour or salty and deduct a point solely because of a dent in a box, the cheaper looking mixing box or the way you spill the powder every time you open it. The product does what it promises and therefore it delivers in my opinion. I’ll be definitely re-ordering this soon again if mine runs out!

Let me know what your experience was with Jolen Cream, if you have any questions, as always just ask or contact me and stay tuned to my next review! Take care lovelies!



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