School’s in, I’m out

Me now.

And I have come to the end of my 2016 summer break, school is officially starting next week and tomorrow I’ll be seeing some of my year 1 classmates again for – hold your horses, yes yet another pointless introduction. Sigh. Does anybody have some chloroform and a cloth? I’ll need it.

So for tomorrow’s program we’ll “delightfully” start with a speech from a guest speaker, the mayor of another city than Amsterdam. Why? I guess the mayor of Amsterdam had better things to do than to speak in front of a hall full of unmotivated, pooped or perhaps stoned late teens and young adults. Can’t blame him. Onward to the next “fun” thing to do, we will apparently have a paralegal from Uber (can this get any more fun?) hand out some cases for us to solve and we are allowed to form groups within our class to solve them! Yippee, I so look forward to buddy up with people forcefully and pretend I give a cahoot about teamwork. Not. Somewhere during the middle of this we will be informed of what’s expected from us during year 2 and then at the end of the day there’s a drink and food to get from actual food trucks. Can this get even more try hard than it already is? I guess it can, I’ll have to see tomorrow. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for socializing, but with an actual classy drink (not beer from the supermarket) and somewhere like a restaurant and not in school. Oh did I mention, preferably with people with a bit of sass, style and interests as me? Those are hard to come by. 

I don’t know what’s up with Holland and its never ending desire to encourage team work, group stuff and that sorts of crap. Companies have company trips and I’m sure you get paid to go to those. Nuff said, I don’t feel like wasting my own precious time to learn a thing or two about somebody I will talk to in class only once every 4 months. 

Call me the cynical jerk, I think for whatever information, a well written e-mail and perhaps a deposit of five euros to get whatever food I want, sound like music to my ears. No teamwork, no unnecessary bonding and no group happy go lucky quality time. 

Let’s see how it turns out tomorrow. Oh God please deliver me from the madness haha. 



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