Intro For The Introverted

Easily applies to all of us.

In retrospect, the caption doesn’t look quite as appealing as it did in my head, alas I’m too lazy to pick another picture. And this one pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment. 

Today was the intro my lousy faculty organized for year 2 students. Hooray! Yeah, not quite exactly. As explained in the previous post “School’s in, I’m out”, we had a guest speaker, or well two and a moment for food and drinks. The guest speaker, while I genuinely felt bad for her being interrupted by students who felt it was much more interesting talking about their holiday experiences, was on her own a giant mess, explaining the rhetorics of being a mayor while all of those authorizations are actually findable in legislations… At the end of the lecture there was a Q&A round for those interested and a rather idiotic person came forward, asking the most weirdest questions and saying the weirdest things. To keep things clean here, I think refraining from sharing the ethnicity would be best, but let’s just say that whatever she is, it seemed though as if she came from a third world country. 

When gathering in my class, I saw that exactly that same weirdo girl, was also sitting in my class. Damn. Never have I sat in a class with a lunatic but I guess there’s a first time for everything. 

The only good thing about this day was me catching up with my friends and damn did that glass or rather glasses of beer helped. Lol. Welcome into year 2. 



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