Fairy Tail Chapter 500 “Fire and Ice” | Review

Well you’ve done it Hiro, let me first say that it’s been a commendable ride, 500 chapters is a serious milestone. Not many manga’s can take it this far and still be interesting but Fairy Tail does make that list of great manga and time and time again Hiro found ways to piss us off (more than you know) and actually amazed us. It is however with great sadness that I have to report that today’s chapter was a major letdown and a major bs crap. 

Without further ado, saa ikimasho?

I just don’t know what to say when I finished reading this chapter. There’s so many elements that’s just wrong. So many things that were explained yes, albeit poorly and in a manner that was seemingly rushed. For this review, since it’s a whopping 30+ page chapter I didn’t include any memorable pictures, but also because I feel there weren’t exactly as many pages to be proud of other than the colorful front page and the exciting chapter preview. 

To me the only interesting bit in this chapter was the revised negotiation plan with Brandish. She could’ve halted August possibly, were it not for Mest (thank you so much again), but it seems that this is the best she can do. Out of respect for Natsu, Happy & Lucy she owes them a debt. Dimaria secretly spying there opens very interesting possibilities. 

But as I said so many things went so horribly wrong, Hiro really did a number on us by having Wendy “conveniently” being in the area to heal Juvia as she was on the brink of death supposedly. But how was ice lock removed? The condition was that one has to die, so either Juvia or Gray died properly and got revived by controversial magic or there’s a major plot hole. Most probably the latter. It could’ve been a bitter sweet and well respected plot instrument but as per usual, Hiro chooses the safe side and probably got scared from all the Gruvia shippers and pre-teens who threw childish tantrums for the murder of their favorite character. 

Another thing is we Neinhart come and we see him go. True form what? Again such a major letdown. Even though this guy seemed like fodder from the beginning, hey who knew? Maybe he actually had interesting stories to tell when Irene said “remember who you are”. It’s not as if we can count on God Serena to tell why he defected, the poor soul got one shorted not only once but twice. Man Hiro must seem to acknowledge them as the Fodder 12. 

The Gray versus Invel fight… Horrendous. It actually gave me chills to the bone in the sense of how bad it was. The purest of ice mages. Somebody who is at the pinnacle of icy perfection only to have him pull his armor out and get beaten by *sighs* yes another molding magic plus slayer trick and feelings. Maybe it’d help if Invel was an ice God slayer, it’d give him a better ice immunity. One of the most disappointing battles to date. Especially for a guy whom I considered to be one of the more smarter, tactically brilliant opponents. Well if Hiro gets bored, here’s what happens. I do feel he at least owes us the explanation of how Invel knows so much about Gray. 

One of the worst summer chapters I read, not necessarily the worst Fairy Tail chapter I’ve ever read but certainly a major letdown and bs in our face. 


  • Elfman & Lisanna vs Ajeel
  • Mirajane vs Jacob
  • Minerva & Rogue vs Wahl Icht & Bloodman
  • Fairy Tail vs Alvarez Empire Army


  • Gray vs Invel concluded
  • Brandish vs Neinhart – Natsu vs Neinhart concluded
  • Juvia survived 
  • Gray is told that END is Natsu

Well that wraps up this weeks happenings and reveals, on to the concluding parts of my review!

Fairy Tail Chapter 500 Arbitrament:

  • +Interesting Brandish & Team Natsu progress
  • Hiro destroyed a beautiful plot instrument
  • Incredible stale battles, including Gray’s bizarre win

SCORE: 3/10

So, so very disappointing. As explained about I just can’t fathom what exactly happen. Well there’s not much to say other than that I hope next week chapter would be better.

Until next time, take care!



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