Fairy Tail Chapter 501: “Randi & Mari” | Review

I couldn’t exactly find a chapter opening card.. So well here you go, a blank space :D!

This chapter was mildly interesting to the point of me figuring out in the end that it was kind of a filler. Even though this chapter doesn’t make up for the horrible, horrible way we’ve been played last week, it builds up and that’s most important in my book anyways. 

Well then without further ado, saa ikimasho?

Off topic but Brandish is really hot.

I’ve always wondered about this “anti-etharno” tumor that Natsu’s been having ever since the fight against Zeref. While it’s been revealed that Mard Geer was the one behind the creation of Tartaros, Natsu could be indirectly blamed for them as the book of END was used to unify and rally the demons altogether. Mard Geer explained that END found a new purpose against magic, a more malevolent source, called the curses. Even though Mard never seemed to knew what END looked like, despite actually battling it, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason why Tartaros was so strong is because of some details inside of that book. What if Natsu actually can use curses, hence the anti-magic tumor? It does sound plausible right?

Damn Brandish, look at that booty.

Magical compression, magical redirection, at first I thought Brandish’s Magic was a bit bland but I was kinda happy to see her skills in action finally. 

Dammit Dimaria…

The only logical course of action and actually prettily good explained by Dimaria. This puts a lot of things into perspective. Each and every Spriggan 12 is incredibly dangerous to the point of actually being able to overpower the emperor I think. With what Dimaria said, why wouldn’t Brandish just blow up everybody’s organs if it’d please her? She could easily rid herself of Irene or Zeref. But the same applies to Dimaria and her insanely overpowered Age Seal magic to stop time. The likes of Jacob with his dimensional transport or even Bloodman with his Macro curse to force people to do his bidding isn’t entirely wacky either. Some Spriggan 12 are just blunt force and don’t carry some gimmick. My theory is that despite some of their overpowered magic, I believe that the elders like Irene & August are just too smart to be outdone by simple tricks (then again Brandish did mention that she had to shrink August’s wound to a trivial size in order to let him survive), Zeref is immortal so he can’t die, that solves it. 


Nobody in Fairy Tail ever dies. So I got over this quickly. And certainly not Brandish, she can shrink the cuts to a trivial size. 

Damn as always Lucy got forced into such a weird position.

Dimaria is an opponent Lucy and Natsu can’t hope to beat. Unless there’s a key which Lucy has that I don’t know of that can counter time magic. Natsu might be able to one shot her in this form but watching the battle from afar, I don’t think she’s stupid enough to hold on her God Soul. She wouldn’t be as stupid a second time I guess. The rivalry or sisterhood is remarkable, she actually shed tears for Brandish, then again she’s kind of a psychopath again… Well all in all it was a very interesting chapter!


  • Elfman & Lisanna vs Ajeel
  • Mirajane vs Jacob
  • Minerva & Rogue vs Wahl Icht & Bloodman
  • Dimaria vs Lucy (commenced)
  • Fairy Tail vs Alvarez Empire Army


  • Brandish vs Lucy (interrupted)
  • Brandish got assassinated 

Well that wraps up this weeks happenings and reveals, on to the concluding parts of my review!

Fairy Tail Chapter 501 Arbitrament:

  • +Finally some display of Brandish’s power, albeit in a withheld way 
  • +Very spicy set up for the next chapter
  • Nobody ever dies in Fairy Tail so Hiro can stop pretending to kill somebody off
  • Did have a kind of a filler feel

SCORE: 5.5 out of 10

It was overal an okay chapter. I gave it a passing mark because we saw some character progress, some good battles and a little mind teaser. Like I said Hiro won’t kill people off, especially not those really close to Lucy now. Brandish’ll find her way. Anyhow I hope you enjoy the review and I’ll see you again next week Monday!



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