Date A Live Chapter VI: “Zoo-ming in on the possibilities”

I really did love it when she looked at me.

My dear readers, today I have for you, yet another interesting chapter in the progress of my dating/love life. Or rather the mess and inexplainable drama that it can be sometimes haha. I’ve actually been wanting to split things over but I feel I’d reduce the quality for the quantity of chapters, so instead I’ll be more quicker on the words here but still as juicy on the news!

The past few days have been a mix of so many different emotions. I asked the lovely Korean girl out, whom I met in real life last week Tuesday, I got shot down horrifically. I matched with a cute Japanese girl and we had a wonderful date today. But the progress of the week did certainly not disappoint with rather interesting happenings that occurred as well, aside from my two Tinder familiars. A Chinese girl, whom I talked with ages ago decided to hit me up (in chat only) and I recently rediscovered my small crush on one of my peers, another Chinese girl. All in all, a very busy and tiring week but I guess it’s hopefully moving towards something. 

So what’s up with the Korean girl? I don’t know where to start haha. I got shot down, rather harshly but fair. I felt as if I was coming on too strong and fair enough she did just reach holland, she did just made herself feel at home, so to speak. Was she really ready to date somebody so soon? Her comment about not wanting a boyfriend who does or wears make up, was like a stake driven through my heart but I accepted and respected it nonetheless (my future bitching/whining about why guys should wear or shouldn’t wear make up will follow in a later post). She came back and apologized. She said she was sorry and she just really wanted to hang out again, have fun. My cousins warned me either this girl is playing the pity card and does it because she knows I don’t joke around and am sensitive or this girl does it because she genuinely doesn’t want to lose me. All has yet remain to be seen. I appreciated the gesture. I explained to my cousins that I never expect to fall in love with her/or rather crush on her. It’s so surreal. It was only after I left for home that I realized that I really liked her a lot so her comment or the way of letting me down, really hurt me. I did found out yesterday or the day before that she was extremely tired, exhausted really, from not being able to sleep and discuss banking related issues with her mom. In times of distress I know to be a gentleman and give her space but the inner demon says I could play her and make her mine. Be that as it may, giving space is good but it makes you alienate from one another and that’s the adverse effect, I do NOT want to have. Being relatively short and strong in her replies, again it feels me with a bit of disappointment and neglect but I’d best get over it or her completely or just indeed hang out with her and build towards a steady friendly relationship turned romantic relationship if there’s ever any chance for that. 

But! The highlight of today was definitely my date with this Japanese girl. She was definitely a person who brought a feeling of serenity and tranquility to me. I felt that not much needed to be said and that there weren’t exactly many “awkwardly silent” moments. Me being the idiot I am sometimes, thought I could be smart and meet up with her at 10 am by the zoo but of course I didn’t know the directions exactly and made her wait for 10-15 minutes extra… I’m so sorry ><! When we met; I shook her hand and we proceeded to enter the zoo. Yeah, yeah kinda dicky of me to not have paid for her entrance fee, but I was already running extremely low on cash in my bank account and I felt I wanted to treat her to something special afterwards instead of a ticket to a place where animals sleep, eat and well mate haha! Sometimes the stereotypes have a truth in their essence and its really up to yourself to look at it the way you want, when I saw her, I saw a perfectly decent girl, well mannered, dressed casually, but engaging, modestly and appropriate, but with skin. No it wasn’t a shorts & tank top wearing girl, maybe not this time and I felt really okay with that. That was nice for a change. I can’t speak for myself since I went like some sort of damn rockstar in my panther print and black leggings to the zoo. It was damn 29 degrees; what was I thinking haha? We walked and walked and we didn’t exactly talk as much during our time at the zoo but I definitely could feel some bonding. It was only after we left to a cafe I recommended in the heart of the centrum, that we started talking a lot. A lot bout relationships. Haha. We exchanged our preferences, we talked about our past relationships, why we are on tinder, why we chose each other and swiped right. It made me realize that even though she was about 4 years older than me, she was just as nervous! And so was I! How do you impress somebody as amazing as her? She has accomplished great things at her age and I have yet to live up to the goals I set for myself. I did feel that there was a small language barrier although it could be because of our shyness and my unnecessary use in difficult sentence forming and vocabulary    . She was even shy to the point to asking me whether it was okay to go out again and I said of course! Why wouldn’t we? Even if we don’t make it romantically, we can stay friends. We all start as friends, exactly as she said. I like this girl a lot, I only don’t know whether my feelings are as burning and as passionate as they were for the Korean girl. I felt the ice was completely shattered with her, while with this one, sometimes it felt a bit forced and falling short on my part. We will see, I will see and I’ll let you know!

And so finally we get to the final part of this chapter! So yeah I did talk to both the  Chinese girls but I don’t think something serious is actually going to come out of it. One is just too busy and finding a reason to always avoid meeting up while the other I know is genuinely busy as she is and is going to be even more busy. Education, hobbies and interests are important but I’m glad I made the start to date, it shifted my perspectives as a person and made me feel comfortable around people in general. 

Alrighty then, until the next time, I love you my dear readers, take care!



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