Pretentiousness at its peak

Today’s topic! Pretentiousness. If I had superhuman hearing skills, I’d hear people all over the world sigh in harmony. And I won’t blame them. Pretentiousness is disastrous. 

What ‘inspired’ me to write today’s post is because of the building tension, I have with my father. It won’t be one of those “finger pointing”, “he started it and he was a lousy parent” post but rather my experience and solution to dealing with this people. And yeah, if my good for nothing dad reads this, come back in 10, maybe 20 years (if you haven’t kicked the bucket), to lecture me on going out too much, or me not doing enough around the house when you pay me back the responsibilities you as a parent had. Hmm shall I name a few? Yeah I pay for my own schoolbooks, clothes, food, transport and college tuition fees. I even lent him money. You’re annoying and a nuisance. That’s right and I’ll not cower to say it. 

Well then, onwards to the actual gist of the post. Pretentious people are people who actively try to portray themselves as people they simply are not and people they perhaps hope to become. Blinded by either unconscious arrogance, peer pressure and bandwagon hopping, pretentious people always had a flair for being the virus in anybody’s system, be it a relative of somebody completely out of your circles. 

Now this is where it gets interesting. As with many other humanly personality tags, pretentious does have a road that divides into two at some point. The first road being a pretentious person without lecturing others and the second is of course, being a pretentious person and lecturing others. The second one is the one you’ve probably dealt with the most in real life. But hang on, why do they do this? Simple. Pretentious people who often lecture others do this in a bid to boost their egos. It has never been for the reason of improving you but rather for their own greedy and malevolent agendas. It feeds their bottomless pits of where their hearts used to be, thinking they are the savior to the “you in distress”. And trying to prove them wrong only cause more stress and frustration. 

I bet we all had/have that mom, dad or friend who was/is such a pretentious sociopath. But how will you deal with this then? Easily said than done though, don’t allow them too much space in your personal storage. Prevent them from being too comfortable in your private life, think twice before you might do anything that might make them hunger to tell you off. While this is often much more difficult to do, the first logical case scenario is that you just have a seat and talk to the one sitting before you. Why the pretentiousness? Why all the act? If they still won’t budge or you find that they’ll relapse to their old behavior, it’s a massive red flag for you to run and leave them. Or when it’s a person you can’t actually possibly think of cutting ties with like a family member; then just restrict contact as much as possible. 

For now, I wish all you lovely readers a great weekend. Hopefully you get to spend it anyway you find comfortable and had a good read!



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