Fairy Tail Chapter 502: “Mavis and Zera” | Review

I would’ve not expected Fairy Tail to be released so quickly, but one shouldn’t grumble too much, we got a chapter release and that’s most important. 

Without further ado, saa ikimasho?

Love that shocked Irene face.

An interesting bit in this chapter is whether the magic that was sapped away by Irene, or rather the Fairy Heart as pictured as a sphere of magic in later pages, I wonder whether Mavis actually retrieves it or Irene actually has a certain percentage of the stolen magical spell. To see her outwitted like that was quite funny and satisfying. I love Irene as a character but considering the rumors of her being Erza’s mother or relative and a mage able to verse August, Acnologia and Zeref himself, it was really pleasant seeing she wasn’t completely godly. It also shows Mavis is capable of employing cunning stealth strategies and lives up to her prodigious use of illusion magic. 

Now there were a lot of parts I didn’t particularly care for. Gajeel’s return, Droy & Jet’s whining. But even Zera did nothing for me. I understand that she was Mavis’ first friend and that she subconsciously created one of the most powerful illusions, but truth be told, even after the original Zera asked for forgiveness and to be Mavis’ friend, we haven’t actually seen anything character wise since. So all the niceness and the words of advice this teen Zera gives is just based on Mavis’ own imagination/fantasy. For all we could know, Zera might’ve been a cold hearted bitch as a teen. Still Mavis’ friend but a cold hearted bitch. I know Fairy Tail loves to draw their strength from friendship but seeing how “unnatural” and in a way psychotic the base of their friendship morals is laid out by the first Guildmaster, I find it really a sad effort to link Fairy Tail Zero to Fairy Tail main series. The only thing I loved from this bit is Mavis’ determination to get the guild back. She’s immortal and she can suffer yes but for once I want to see her in action and not just the tactician. Being the creator of something as insanely powerful as Fairy Glitter, seeing Mavis fight would be a fanboy’s dream come true. 

Now I guess underground torture chambers and anti magic cuffs are a thing in Fiore? In a way I was glad to see that both Lucy and Natsu were captured in a way that they couldn’t pull any shenanigans. Certainly not against a Spriggan 12. Of course as I said Brandish didn’t die in the previous review and will probably be back on her feet soon. In regards to Natsu’s tumor, one would’ve thought Hiro would sketch at least some sort of hint for us as he usually does but my guess is that with the defeat of Invel and Mavis running lose, Zeref has to invoke the etherious abilities of Natsu but whether that’s the case, we’ll find out next chapter. 
That concludes this part of the review and now let’s look at the final segments to come!


  • Minerva & Rogue vs Wahl Icht & Bloodman
  • Lisanna & Elfman vs Ajeel
  • Mirajane vs Jacob
  • Fairy Tail vs Alvarez Empire Army


  • Mavis escaped captivity
  • Brandish lives
  • Natsu appears to have something far worse than an anti-magical tumor

Alright now let’s move on the the final part of my review!


  • +Mavis fooling Irene
  • +Steady story progress
  • A bit too much filler covered as ‘essential story’ parts
  • Rather slower paced Chapter

SCORE: 5/10

Today’s chapter wasn’t something to be proud of but it kept balance between spoiling and shocking too much and meaningless battles. We got lots to read about even though there was unnecessary filler but alas, it can’t be helped. I enjoyed Mavis returning as Fairy Tail’s leader and Natsu’s tumor certainly had me wanting to read more. All in all a meager 5 but that’ll do. 

Alright guys take care, be safe and I hope you look forward to the next chapter as I do! 



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