Date A Live Chapter VII: “Trapped in a standstill of love”

Wow guys. It has been almost two weeks since I last updated you all on my dating/love life. Well truth be told, it ain’t going as smooth as I thought. 

Let’s have a look at the girls whom I contacted and have met and the stats & updates so far. 

So the girls in the running for ‘Kevin’s love’:

  • Felicia: A lovely girl I met on Tinder, she appeared as my first date on my first chapter of this series. After the movie date, I tried my best starting conversation but eventually gave up after realizing I had to be the one to always say something in chat. Not long after my hiatus she decided to unfollow me on Instagram, although her profile remains in my Whatsapp. 
  • Dongyang: The second girl I’ve met on Tinder and yet another one of the many girls I feel like I have to be the one to write something to. I felt some sparks here and there but she felt she was too busy for me, her way of writing in short sentences and words gave me the impression she wasn’t phased by me. The last thing I asked her was to let me know whether she want to meet up, to which she just replied “ok”. And that was more than a month ago. Lol. 
  • Madeline: You gotta experience crap, before you can talk crap. Madeline is a sweet girl but the “date” or outing with her proves that you shouldn’t lead people on if you have Tinder and you’re a freaking tourist. Needless to say, I wasn’t that charmed by her anymore after meeting up with some douche guy friend of hers. We stayed friends and added each other on Facebook and whatsapp. But I think that’s it for me. 
  • Do: The most recent girl to break my heart. Lol. Such a long story, you can read in the previous two chapters. We bonded, we connected, we talked, we laughed and the only reason why I can’t be her boyfriend is because I do make up. Nuff said. I tried reaching out to her after she proposed we go out again but the good ol ‘I am busy but I want to’ really put me off. I really liked this girl, still do actually. I feel bad that it has to be this weird way. I sent her a message about a week ago, no reply since but a seen symbol on Whatsapp. I guess it’s just time to move on or patiently wait. 
  • Lyann: More of a friend than somebody romantically but she promised to come down to Amsterdam again so we can hang out. She bothered to write me even though there was a month gap in between. Who knows where this might go but compared to past situations, I better not take things too seriously again. 
  • Shino: A very sweet girl whom I went with to the zoo as I wrote in my previous chapter. I could feel there were feelings from her side that day we went out but just like the others her messaging took so long. Even though she’s busy with work I felt pushed in the narrow because of all the not replying by all the other girls, it makes me feel really insecure. 

These are all the girls who are or were in the running for my love, so to speak lol. Now it has come to a standstill pretty much and this really upsets me. I know people are busy but come on, reply? Dating has its double standards and especially for men. Asian men in particular. Because I don’t have sun kissed skin (I’m actually pale compared to most Asians) or blue eyes and naturally blonde hair I’m automatically kicked out of the running? That’s sad but it’s a truth a lot of women try to deny or shove under the rug. 

Maybe I should’ve been more active or let go of my racial preference in dating but I think I’m only a really fair person. I’m not asking for much and certainly not anything outrageous. 

So hopefully and fingers crossed that either one of these people will reply normally or an angel appears out of thin air. Lol. Until then let me know what you think or what I should do. 

Take care and keep in touch!



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