Date A Live Chapter VIII: ”The third wheel on the bicycle”

What’s up guys? Lately a lot of things passed my mind. The certainties and uncertainties of life, making most of it and your own desires. I made no secret out of my self proclaimed fact that love is nothing more than a luxury, despite many calling it a basic human right. So how have I been doing exactly at this time? How are the potential candidates doing, more so how am I doing?

I’m sure the candidates are all alive and well, fulfilling their goals and needs to their own ways. Now I’m sure that I have mentioned going on a date with Lyann, the girl I met on Tinder back in August. To my surprise she contacted me about two weeks ago saying she’d be heading to Amsterdam again. I was pleasantly surprised, could she have done it for me or was it something else. Sadly after meeting her yesterday, I couldn’t exactly pinpoint anything in regards to feelings or attraction from her side, probably because her friend who HAD to come along and essentially ‘cock blocked’ me, well as far as me trying to make her warm up to me goes. It was awkward at times, because I wouldn’t know how she would react because of that other girl being around. Finally we had some lunch together, exchanged a few words and left not before making a somewhat awkward picture of – yes I kid you not, the three of us together. I will crop the friend out most likely and have some sort of remembrance? Sigh. Life has to be so hard on me, I honestly do not know where this’ll take me. Girls like these, of course you have to begin as friends, but at least wouldn’t there be some kind of interest at the very least? 

To add more ‘pleasurable’ experiences to my already building colossal frustration, is the matching with two other girls on Tinder. For the sake of privacy once again, their surnames are left out, so we have Sohyun and Wendy. Two lovely girls whom I could potentially see myself in a relationship with after talking to for a while. It was then that when I asked the former girl why she added me on Tinder, that the answer was quite obscure at first. Apparently she was doing research on how people react on Tinder so she could collect data for her game assignment. FML, is what I first thought, great, the first thing a boy in my situation would like to hear is that he is being played for some sort of assignment in the role of a test subject. I felt so angry, so used, but moreover so upset. Furthermore not long after Sohyun, Wendy confessed to me that the reason she came to Tinder is because she wanted attention and to fill up the void of emptiness that the break up of her friend and she had a few days ago. Great right? My thoughts were, I am producing data for a creative student and I am being used as some sort of tool for a girl who just broke up and actually isn’t looking for anything. I still talk to Sohyun because we did develop a chemistry of some sorts and maybe it might lead somewhere, Wendy and my future seem futile after she gracefully stopped replying a few days ago. Lol. 

The moral of this chapter’s post, and I think it’s the main thought of every dating post I write, please, I beg you as a fellow human being. Please refrain from using Tinder if for whatever reason if:

  • You are trying to build a dating game, a psychology major or some other scientist trying to conduct experiments
  • Looking for friends (please use Facebook or some other non-dating app for that)
  • A damn tourist who can’t promise a relationship and is just looking for free tour guides
  • Using Tinder to fill up voids, without looking for further commitments
  • Ego boosting and leading people on

Whether it is Tinder or any kind of dating app or site really, there are lots of people trying to venture into the world of love genuinely and there truly are enough success stories to depower the folklore of Tinder only being a hook up app. By that same logic, Snapchat is only an app for dick pic shots and whatnot, though you and I surely know there’s more than just that. Whether you want casual dating, a long term or even a hook up, each of these still find themselves within the dating spectrum and I’d appreciate it if anybody who have any set of decent morals to respect them. Like said, if you want a tour, get a guide, if you want friends make a Facebook and if you want to experiment, use scholarly works instead of being a scientist.

With all of this said, I will keep faith in living tomorrow for the sake of a better life, or so I hope. I wish you all a very good day, please take care and as always stay tuned for my next posts!



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