Date A Live Chapter X: “Morally Massacred” 

Today marks the tenth chapter in my “Date A Live” installments. What a milestone it has been? Ahaha. I believe not, I guess if I had found somebody after the third or fifth date Chapter, it would’ve been really great, but come on this is real life. Nothing is handed down to us easily and true love’s kiss is sadly just a fairy tale. If only I could actually make a living out of my failed relationship and dating stories, I might actually live decently lol. 
First and foremost, I’d always like to thank my dear readers, new or familiar faces who sticked around with me with all the chapters I have written. It is you who give me the strength to proceed writing these stories, knowing that my cry is heard and that my distressed heart can be at more ease. It has definitely not been easy for me the past week or two and I’ll tell you why. 
Four Sundays ago, I met up with a fellow Singaporean girl, called Mavis. The one I mentioned meeting on Facebook in hopes of me strengthening my Singaporean roots. A girl of unquestionably interesting and remarkful social abilities. She saw right through my defenses and concluded my sorrow and sadness for staying in Holland. Praising me for my apparent beauty, my abilities and well again my looks, she said we could go out together to clubs with her friends, maybe even going to London or some other European countries during Christmas holidays, fawned over my eyes because I complained about them and was even willing to bring me back to chill at her dorm with her and wanted to even cook for me! Kevin, what do you want to eat tonigh? It made me feel so warm, so loved in a way. It made me feel that there was an actual human being trying her best for me too. 
But here’s the catch, all that niceness comes with a price, Mavis is already a taken girl. I swooned about her, thought about her and I guess fell infatuated with her. I gave myself that stupid idea that she liked me, that she thought about me too. Of course she cares about me, in a friendly way but did she truly look at me the way I looked at her? A lot of nights passed, a lot of conversations went on about Mavis. How I was wrong. Yet again morally but also emotionally. Maybe she was just trying to be super nice. Maybe she never intended on coming on so strongly but that’s just the way she is. I eventually bailed at the third meeting with Mavis and left for home. To rethink my strategies, to give myself a break. To make sure I was not going to make myself look like an idiot anymore. 
Days passed and I sent my final super like for what may potentially be the rest of this year. I matched with a girl. At first glance she looked Japanese, aside from the Japanese name she donned on Tinder. We talked a lot, I proceeded to give her my number she asked for and my Facebook. Eventually she felt that she could trust me, wager her heart with me. She asked when we could meet and eventually in a way kinda forced me to meet her at the most awful timing ever. At the special H&M event where I was dressed like a hobo and had no make up on. We met we talked, we hugged and parted ways. After that we have had several other encounters where I came to her house and “chill” as all these youngsters would say. Watched an American Horror Story and held hands and hugged. I felt that something ambiguous was or actually is starting between us. 
We met the next few times again, even met up with her friends and classmates but the most important thing that happened is that we got really intimate. Super intimate even. At this stage I don’t really know what to feel other than that the feeling she gave me was really safe. Whether or not something will bloom between us, remains to be seen. 
Alright guys I’ll keep you up to date and let you know how the failures and victories of dating life went. Please take care and as always thank you for reading. 


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