I Am 2016 | Review of a year

As the way I started my blog hopefully, I will start 2017 also hopefully, with the right set of mind that while I cannot control everything, I do have amazing control over myself as person, my goals and my future life. I need to learn to expand upon that and exploit that in 2017 more properly. Here’s to all of you always standing by my side, whether or not I was crying from the many heartbreaks or just sharing another story of my life, writing lets a lot of feelings loose, I can definitely recommend it to everybody. 

Well then without further ado, shall we begin?

2016 knew it’s disturbing fair share of great talents who passed away, from musical icons such as David Bowie & Prince to Hollywood bombshells like Zsa Zsa Gabor and Carrie Fisher. The world was shocked when Donald Trump claimed victory for the White House and the world was left in tears after many horrendous terrorist attacks. 2016 is a year that happened with a lot of good but will go down as a year with a lot of bizarre unforgettable events. 

I personally have no contributive thing to say to the deceased celebrities other than thanking and respecting them for the great work of artistry they did for humanity. They revolutionized fashion, music and film all in their own way and stayed iconic evergreen people that’ll go down as heroes in history, in my opinion. The US presidential election is far beyond me since I am not a US citizen, speculating becomes unhealthy to a certain point and while I find myself disagreeing more with the outcome than agreeing, the choice made of isn’t unheard and the people have spoken. Indeed it is now the time for all Americans to come together and unite against the threats that lie in their ways. And finally the uprising of terrorism in the world shows that war isn’t fought on a battlefield between countries. It has become a worldwide problem spawned from the unhappiness of the world as is and the hate towards the soft & hard power of the west. I condemn these attacks and my prayers go out to the affected families and victims. We can never get the people who died for nothing back, but I sincerely hope that the evil that is being inflicted onto the innocent will meet its end soon. 

That’s my take on 2016 on a geopolitical social matter. But how was 2016 for me?

Beginning the year steadily with my now ex-girlfriend, I felt a “New Hope”. The kind of support I think everybody wants when they feel they need to lean. I’ve always said that the winter months are the coldest, psychologically and physically. It’s an effect that happens in my mind which cause me to dream of being close to somebody, hugging somebody and just cuddle up and watch TV together. Winters cause me and I think many others to be slightly more inactive and static on the activities’ side. It transitioned from leaving my old class to join a new class, meeting new people but still holding on to the same daily routine. My dad who left me in charge of familial affairs for a month when he left for a business trip and all eventually came down to my eventual break up in June. 

I’ve ranted about my ex, cried over her, tried forgetting her as much as I could. But she was my best friend and knew everything about me as I knew everything about her. As said the true reason for letting me go, I might probably never know but I have definitely come to realize that all has definitely not been for nothing. I am grateful of the love she has given me along with the protection. It was because of her that I felt I was empowered months later even though of my many, many unfortunate mishaps in dating. 

Eventually I came to meet an interesting girl who seem to have had it all. I fell slowly for her, caused some ruckus between us and finally sealed the deal. Not for long as she decided she couldn’t possibly ever love me, saw me unfit as a manly man and definitely wanted to stay friends. And this happened but a few days ago, on the 29th or 30th, I believe? “I will not let you go, I will give you a chance.” Or “I will not be as your ex and I will cherish you.”. Lies spawned from the ongoing stress that constantly afflicted her, I feel in a way sad, disappointed and let down. And who wouldn’t? You’d meet somebody, know and hang out for over two months, finally making it official only for her to break down of the stress and of course lovely third party influence. That goes to show that a lot of people cannot keep their promises, you think you know who you love but you don’t and people love taking “spot-on” advices from “friends” who want to see them fall hard. Going back at my Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams, “nothing lasts forever”. Indeed it doesn’t. 

Love. What does it actually mean? What potential does it hold? I made so much social progress last year that I felt proud of myself. But I also felt tired, emotionally exhausted. Love yourself! But realize time is ticking. Think before you act and don’t play your hand too quickly. Understand that if people have become cold towards you, they don’t care anymore, just kick them to the curb sadly. 

I’ll not resolute here and make a list of things I want to see done but I’ll definitely work on several projects that’ll hopefully enable to become an even better person, an even stronger individual towards my quest of happiness and love. 

My dear readers, you’ve been a constant support throughout the night, the listening ear to my never ending blabbering mouth. I am grateful towards each and every one of you. I hope that 2016 has caused you to realize things, keep on hoping and act more accordingly to what you think is right or wrong. 

I will see you guys soon again and I wish you all a fresh start to the new beginning. Reboot and revamp, rework and reschedule. Actively seek and pursue love and happiness. I will be at your side in thought and heart. 



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