Struck By Reality’s Glaive

The best way for me to start upon a subject that exudes emotions is to pick an example from my own life and somehow connect it with a topic that I feel may be running wild in a lot of your minds. 

Lately, as you know I have suffered tremendously because of a certain person. The following weeks after didn’t exactly make it any easier as the contact I got in my dating life was subpar and pathetic. I am however pleased to say that as time went by, with the support of several of my besties, my cousin Clouds, I climbed back up to the land of sanity. Managed to match with a girl who seemingly accepts me for who I am, I had a decent lunch with another girl I knew since October/November. I believe I had done my retake well. I’m going to embark on a life changing journey with the hopes of unlocking happiness and success through all the rigorous hard work and faith. Life seems to be right in track for me and I ain’t complaining. 

Life is so uncontrollable I like comparing it to the ocean. Some days you’ll be traveling through still waters and some days through rough waters. And what’s so good about this analogy is just like ocean, life is kinda around us all the time. We’re sitting on a chair on a piece of earth, which on its own turn sits above a plate above the ocean and so as with life, nobody truly escapes it. 

The girl (otherwise known as my ex) I shared almost everything  with recently contacted me again, after wishing me a happy birthday. The usual chit-chat, uninteresting weather related-ish questions and “how are you doing” crap. I noticed that she was trying to salvage something. Other people will say that she’s just trying to be nice but doesn’t that mean that after a break-up you’re trying to ultimately stabilize or salvage the remainders of the relationship with that person? Here’s the facts racked up and jammed in a sweet bonbon for you to chew on, let’s go. 

  • Called me the least example of a man, basically denied my manhood/me being a true man
  • I had to force the message of breaking up with her as she didn’t bother to respond to my message
  • Blames me indirectly for her bad trip to Japan. 
  • Completely oblivious and unaware to why the break up happened or so it seems 
  • Sends messages to me after the break up, regularly checking and thinking as if she meant a real great impact on me

Exactly the last bullet point. Why would you bother that much, am I correct? Surely I have done things that might not be as likeable I guess, like oh just paying for dinners, visited and respected her dad and treated her like a princess basically. Reality hits hard. And that’s where I’m finally going to talk and soon even also wrap up about in this post. 

Besides the usual nuclear weapons or blunt force like your fists, mankind has a number of great direct and indirect psychological or spiritual weapons at their disposal to make somebody crumble before their very feet or at the least, understand what they have done to have formed such an atmosphere of hostility. 

Reality is one of the most powerful weapons you have at your disposal I’d say it nears or equals even the power of love. Be realistic in what you do, be honest, be just. Why do I tell you guys this? Not only because religion teaches us to treat each other normally but also because if you act like a decent human being towards the trash that treats you like crap, you’ll manage somehow to plant a seed of reality that one day will pop up and burst inside that person. The people who hurt you now, think that what they’re doing is fine. But if they have any shred of morality and a small dose of consciounce, they’ll feel remorse. It may not be now but it will happen, I promise you that. For the sake of their sanity I actually wish for them to feel that remorse now, so they can right whatever they’ve wronged and hopefully either close that chapter or rewrite it again with you. 

Reality is so vast, it’s the truth. The cold sharp and even double edged glaive. It works both ways. If you are realistically a jerk, expect your downfall to happen anytime sooner or later too. Expect for yourself to realize that whatever you have done feels so wrong after rethinking the thing you did and this vastly varies to stealing a candy from a baby to commuting mass genocide. 

It’s best that in our lives we treat the ones we love with the most respect and the ones we want to love equally as well. After all don’t we all strive to be decent human beings? Love is the power that connects us and spreads our bonds throughout the world. It seriously turns a lot of bad guys into good guys. The power of reality, some may liken this to karma instead, its the psychology of the mind. You cannot escape the simple moral atrocity that stealing is wrong, murdering is wrong etc. in your genome structure. If you treat the person who loved you unconditionally like crap and he or she manages to move on properly, that’ll hurt like hell and make you greatly rethink your past and future efforts. But likewise at the other end of the table, if you got hurt by a person you thought you gave it your all, one day he or she will experience the pain you had in a tenfold but you don’t need to worry anymore as just with myself, I hope you will be enjoying the comfort of your family’s love in your own safe home. 



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