Kevin’s Travel Log II

Amsterdam – Rome
Starting this journey, while feeling optimistic, I also felt the pressure of traveling alone. Mainly because there wasn’t anybody to complain to about the increasing number of annoying people I met on my way here. 

While waiting for boarding the plane to Rome, I noticed an Italian woman, yes wait for it, complain about not being able to bring more than five liquids including hairspray on board. Are you seriously kidding me?! What is it you possibly need for your hair to look like Fran Drescher in ‘The Nanny’? After finally coming on board, I found my seat along the aisle, so much for being happy at the start already, two Dutch girls were seated next to me. Mind you the plane was set to depart at 6:50 and they couldn’t stop yapping about whatever sorry lives they lead. Sighs. Anyhow it was somehow amusing to also see some jerk acting like an asshole shoving his hand luggage like an idiot into the storage space, he kept pushing and pressing and damaging other people’s goods/bags. Thumbs up for being social dude! Smh. 
Rome – Beijing 
The hardest part has yet to come. As I wandered around aimlessly, I noticed how how horrifically slow time has been. After a few leg stretching and window shopping, it was finally time for me to board the plane from Rome to Beijing at 12:05 local time in Rome. As I boarded the plane I noticed the comfort of having two seats at the window and actually sharing it with a cute girl haha! But as I am on a business trip, making romance should be the least of my concerns. Also, I noticed that her English wasn’t as good as I presumed it would be and the Italians on board had that same small problem. Oh well, as long as I get my wine on board, I don’t care how broken my Russian, Mexican or Tamil is lol! 

We received food at around 14:39 as we were still hovering around Europe. Our choice was Italian lasagna or rice with spinach and meatballs. Naturally I opted for the latter, no way in heck I’m going for some watery pasta or lasagna on a plane with wine. I’m not one to complain about airplane food, in fact I happen to enjoy it a lot. So I found the food quite interesting, sadly my neighbor beside me didn’t think so too. If only I could have managed to get some of hers, *drools*. 
Breakfast at 9:30 PM local Dutch time. Soon reaching Beijing airport, the first time in my life reaching mainland China, the birthplace of my mother’s side of the family’s roots and therefore my own as well. I know it’s just an airport but somehow it’ll feel inspiring to take in and feel being in the same country as my ancestors before me. With that said, a whopping nine hours await before my final destination, yes I recognize how eerily that was said, Seoul. There were little kids on board and surprisingly there wasn’t any mischief or crying, this must be my lucky day haha. Reached Beijing 6:08 AM local time. 



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