Kevin’s Travel Log III

Breakfast in Beijing!

Finally arriving at around 6:00 AM in Beijing, I started to wonder I what should do. Walk around, eat or probably even sleep on a bench like some petty tourist? 

As I exited that somewhat reasonable flight to China, I found myself amidst a giant group of people queuing up for immigrations. The interesting Chinese girl had long left for home (probably) without any unnecessarily long waiting line. The best thing had happened for me then. As I entered the line and finally was able to get past the gate, I was told that I needed to get the boarding tickets that would take me from Beijing to Seoul. Yippee ya yay. After finally collecting the boarding pass that should’ve been downloadable from the beginning for me, I finally was able to exit security and customs. Thank goodness. 

Time went by so quickly after all that nonsense and I found myself noticing it was 7:30 AM already! What a relief! But I couldn’t be completely happy of course as I was almost starving to death and quickly just scanned the area for any good looking place to sit and eat. Boy, I can tell you, whilst cute, some of these girls that helped me or attempted to help me, didn’t really understand what I was trying to say. Understandably so. Why would you have to speak every tourist’s language? Luckily I had snagged €50 from my account in Rome and traded it for Chinese Yuan. Now I’m really trying my hardest to bite my tongue but oh my gosh, I don’t know whether I was tricked into having such returns or whether the prices in the airport were so damn high. I only got about 160 yuan… Okay I’ve just checked an basically did get robbed! What a bunch of thieves! The “commission” really cut deep into the money. It’s only after noticing how much my breakfast cost  (about 90 yuan) that I probably got scammed. 

Anyways after having a decent meal I sluggishly walked to whatever bench I could find to sit and hopefully charge my phone. Luckily after lots of music listening, data wasting (China blocks Facebook and Google, so Yahoo it was), I found myself in the comfort of reading a mail that my plane has been delayed. Great. But without too much trouble and an hour later, I boarded the plane at 16:05 PM to Seoul, the destined destination and the place hopefully dreams would come true. 


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