Etude House | Precious Mineral Magic Any Cusion Magic Pink Review

It’s been a while since I last properly gave my thoughts on a cosmetic product, now I’m back and I hope to continue writing more for you, since I’m close to having my break and finished with this semester of school! 
Today we’re going to look at the Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Magic Pink! That was a miraculously magical mouthful of alliteration and a revamp of a classic product that has been my favorite for years! 


The packaging is cute, it’s sweet, it’s adorable and it just speaks Etude House! The box is simple and neat and so is the cushion compact as well. Whereas Innisfree has the very cute polkadots and other figures and customizable shapes, this particular line of cushions by Etude House stay true to their origin. Simple, sleek and yes a bit girly. Nothing wrong with that at all! 

Now the cushion does feel a bit bulkier than the usual powder compacts but it doesn’t feel bad at all in the palm of my hand. It feels rather light even though it does not generally look that way and it’s quite scratch resistant. I must confess I had it lying around in different to-go bags for months without having a single scratch on it amongst my books! Amazing! 

The cushion has a neat mirror, it’s big enough to view your face detailedly and it’s easily cleanable. The sponge feels soft and comfortable on the face. The fill is easily replaced by disconnecting it from the right side by pulling it gently. 

The cream is applied by gently pushing the cushion onto the pad and then padded onto your skin. As you can see in the picture, it spreads and blends nicely into my skin. It shimmers nicely and just gives it that sparkly and yeah magical glow.

Now for the full before and after look!

I added the Etude House Face Blur as my base primer to create the pore hiding effects, that natural filter look and have the magic cushion just enhance my face overall. If you want you can set it with a fixing spray, so the make-up will stay attached to your skin naturally and last longer. 

The cream on its own feels very light and spreadable like it said earlier on. Though admittedly there are some days where I do feel that it just becomes a bit flakey or it looks like it just doesn’t set well. In that case I recommend you to hydrate your skin properly with an overnight cream or mask and of course drink lots of water. That should help moisturize your face and allow for a smooth application of the product. While wearing this cream I don’t actually feel like having anything on my face, it feels like a very thin second layer of skin, albeit more shinier and shimmery. With that does come a small price, scars and several more prominent breakouts are best left treated with a concealer, the cushion’s coverage is rather average. 

The Etude House Face Blur sits comfortably at ₩30.000(Gmarket price)/$22,60 (official Etude House site)/€30 (various European resellers), though I got mine for about S$25. Personally I think it’s a rather reasonable price, 15 grams does seem like it’s not much for what you’re paying but it’s very doable, you don’t need a lot to keep your day going perfectly. Compared to Yves Saint Laurent’s B50 Foundation compact customers pay a whopping €5,41 per gram (€65 for 12 grams), for the Magic Cushion you’ll be paying about 2000 Korean Won per gram and in US dollars you’ll be paying $1,50 per gram, so that’s quite a change you’ll be saving. 


It’s a great remodel of an otherwise classic product, I believe it’s an enhanced version of the already discontinued regular Any Cushion. What can I say, it looks good on the skin, spreads well, it absorbs well, the mirror is a cute addition, refills are easily added in and it’s storable in any bag or pocket. I have very little faults to find with this product other than larger pimples or redness are best treated with concealer as the coverage of this magic cushion is too light for that. You’ll end up wasting more cream than necessary for that zit. 

Score: 8.5 out of 10
+Price per gram exceeds high end brands

+Good mirror and easy to store away

+Available in different shades and colors

-Overseas pricing is ridiculously more expensive due to import charges

-Coverage is unsuitable for heavy breakouts 

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you thought this was a useful read and helped you decide on getting this in my opinion great item; if you didn’t think it’s good or didn’t work well for you, let me know I’m curious to hear what you think! 



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