Etude House | Precious Mineral Magic Any Cusion Magic Pink Review

It’s been a while since I last properly gave my thoughts on a cosmetic product, now I’m back and I hope to continue writing more for you, since I’m close to having my break and finished with this semester of school! 
Today we’re going to look at the Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Magic Pink! That was a miraculously magical mouthful of alliteration and a revamp of a classic product that has been my favorite for years! 


The packaging is cute, it’s sweet, it’s adorable and it just speaks Etude House! The box is simple and neat and so is the cushion compact as well. Whereas Innisfree has the very cute polkadots and other figures and customizable shapes, this particular line of cushions by Etude House stay true to their origin. Simple, sleek and yes a bit girly. Nothing wrong with that at all! 

Now the cushion does feel a bit bulkier than the usual powder compacts but it doesn’t feel bad at all in the palm of my hand. It feels rather light even though it does not generally look that way and it’s quite scratch resistant. I must confess I had it lying around in different to-go bags for months without having a single scratch on it amongst my books! Amazing! 

The cushion has a neat mirror, it’s big enough to view your face detailedly and it’s easily cleanable. The sponge feels soft and comfortable on the face. The fill is easily replaced by disconnecting it from the right side by pulling it gently. 

The cream is applied by gently pushing the cushion onto the pad and then padded onto your skin. As you can see in the picture, it spreads and blends nicely into my skin. It shimmers nicely and just gives it that sparkly and yeah magical glow.

Now for the full before and after look!

I added the Etude House Face Blur as my base primer to create the pore hiding effects, that natural filter look and have the magic cushion just enhance my face overall. If you want you can set it with a fixing spray, so the make-up will stay attached to your skin naturally and last longer. 

The cream on its own feels very light and spreadable like it said earlier on. Though admittedly there are some days where I do feel that it just becomes a bit flakey or it looks like it just doesn’t set well. In that case I recommend you to hydrate your skin properly with an overnight cream or mask and of course drink lots of water. That should help moisturize your face and allow for a smooth application of the product. While wearing this cream I don’t actually feel like having anything on my face, it feels like a very thin second layer of skin, albeit more shinier and shimmery. With that does come a small price, scars and several more prominent breakouts are best left treated with a concealer, the cushion’s coverage is rather average. 

The Etude House Face Blur sits comfortably at ₩30.000(Gmarket price)/$22,60 (official Etude House site)/€30 (various European resellers), though I got mine for about S$25. Personally I think it’s a rather reasonable price, 15 grams does seem like it’s not much for what you’re paying but it’s very doable, you don’t need a lot to keep your day going perfectly. Compared to Yves Saint Laurent’s B50 Foundation compact customers pay a whopping €5,41 per gram (€65 for 12 grams), for the Magic Cushion you’ll be paying about 2000 Korean Won per gram and in US dollars you’ll be paying $1,50 per gram, so that’s quite a change you’ll be saving. 


It’s a great remodel of an otherwise classic product, I believe it’s an enhanced version of the already discontinued regular Any Cushion. What can I say, it looks good on the skin, spreads well, it absorbs well, the mirror is a cute addition, refills are easily added in and it’s storable in any bag or pocket. I have very little faults to find with this product other than larger pimples or redness are best treated with concealer as the coverage of this magic cushion is too light for that. You’ll end up wasting more cream than necessary for that zit. 

Score: 8.5 out of 10
+Price per gram exceeds high end brands

+Good mirror and easy to store away

+Available in different shades and colors

-Overseas pricing is ridiculously more expensive due to import charges

-Coverage is unsuitable for heavy breakouts 

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you thought this was a useful read and helped you decide on getting this in my opinion great item; if you didn’t think it’s good or didn’t work well for you, let me know I’m curious to hear what you think! 


Date A Live Chapter XIV: “Something New”

I’ve read in an article that people who use Facebook, but also Instagram are prone to suffer from depression and a low self esteem easily. It’s because of the apparent unrealistic portrayal of a fake perfect life a lot of social influencers, celebrities but also regular people try to show the world via hash tags. I disagree completely. Why would we have to post our sad moments? Why do we feel the need to have a constant reminder to our pain? To what has left us/has been taken from us, what has us been denied and what will potentially never come to be. The mere thought of it already stirs some nausea to me. 

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Etude House: Face Blur | Review

안녕하세요 everybody,
On my trip to Singapore in July 2016 I did a massive haul at the Etude House in Bugis, which also sold lots of other cute Korean cosmetic brands and clothes. Among the products I bought is a jewel I actually only started using until recently and have been kicking myself for not doing so earlier! The Etude House Face Blur! 
So here I present today to you, my thoughts on the Etude House Face Blur! 

Product Aesthetic

Classic design!

Say what you must about the packaging; it’s too glossy, it’s too girly, it’s childish. But I disagree! To me it’s youthful and it stands for the playfulness that Etude House often promotes ⭐️. The boxing of this product is simple, chic and not overdone. 

The bottle itself is presented in the same way, it feels not too heavy to grab (why would it even be with 35 grams but still). The design of the bottle feels easy on the eyes, the light color scheme makes it very pleasant and peaceful to look at it. 

Both the packaging and bottle feel just right.

“How to apply” & Result

Remember when you are using a product for the first time, gently press the pump a few times until the cream is released. 

The cream is very fluid and when you have it on your hand or make up sponge, I advise you quickly apply or it will be soaked in completely. The cream has a light color and feels light on the skin as well, though it may be runny. 

Distribute the Face Blur cream evenly onto your face, gently rub it in with your fingers as the warmth will help allow your skin to take the cream in more quicker than with a brush. Don’t forget to spread evenly and finally dap the cream in to make sure it doesn’t look like you’ve missed a spot. 

Excuse my skin breaking out.

As you can see in the picture above, my skin has some redness and there are definitely some inefficiencies ㅠㅠ. It is also rough around the edges without the cream. 

This looks better than the first picture.

My skin looks smoother, the color is more even and it does give some sort of a filtered effect in real life! 

Marketing & Claims

The face blur is feels like a spreadable light cc cream in its own right. While I feel it does resemble a cc cream, the face blur is actually marketed as a product of its own league and that is about right to me. While cc creams tend to have lower coverage versus bb creams, cc creams color correct the uneven skin tone. In this case, I feel that the Face Blur smartly evens the skin tone, albeit to a lighter color, and smoothens the skin overall, or at least makes it look that way with a pearly finish ✨. 

The pore hiding might be a bit of a marketing trick to me, you’ll always be granted at least a layer of “make-up” on your skin if you use any cosmetic cream, causing your pores to automatically be “hidden” and clogged if you don’t cleanse well after ㅠㅠ. I don’t have too visible pores but I did not notice this effect too much ㅎㅎ. 

The cream does feel like it makes your skin toned and does give off some sort of filter effect because it feels and looks smooth as it claims. If you don’t experience this, keep in mind to keep your skin clean by cleaning and caring for after using make up, as well as hydrating it properly overnight and giving your skin a break from make up for a few days. If you don’t see the effects immediately, just wait a bit and let it oxidize awhile. 

f(x)’s Krystal is promoting this product!

Price point

The Etude House Face Blur sits comfortably at:

– ₩18.000(Gmarket price)

– $18(official Etude House site)

-€22 (various European resellers)

Though I got mine for about S$30. Personally I think it’s a rather reasonable price, 35 grams does seem like it’s not much for what you’re paying but it’s very doable, you don’t need a lot to keep your day going perfectly. Compared to my MAC Prep & Prime primer, I paid an euro per gram, for the Face Blur you’ll be paying about ₩514 per gram and in US dollars you’ll be paying $0,51 per gram, so that’s quite a change you’ll be saving !


While many people online have established the Face Blur as a primer, I’d like to take it a step further and call it a “primer beyond”. I also use it as a base for potential bb or even cc cream but the cream feels actually quite good on its own on the face. The light texture is where both its strength as well as its weakness lie. It sets up as an excellent base before make up but succeeds well in being the only cosmetic facial product you could use if you’re going out, it blurs the inefficiencies of my skin but as always with these kind of creams there’s no point overusing the product if you have a prominent scar or a pimple it’s not going to blur that properly, that’s a task best left for concealers… Also, for those with a slightly darker skin tone this might be a bit of a difficult product to wear on its own as even for me it does feel a bit light and fair on the skin. Since the Face Blur doesn’t come in additional colors, you could mix it with a bit of your bb cream to even out the color properly ⭐️. If you were still going to use foundation or bb cream after then I assure you the effects would look great !

Score: 8 out of 10

+Very reasonable price (per gram)

+Sleek, simplistic bottle to bring

+Excels at primer and cc cream qualities

-Available in one shade only and may be too light for some 

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you thought this was a useful read and helped you decide on getting this in my opinion great item; if you didn’t think it’s good or didn’t work well for you, let me know I’m curious to hear what you think! 

Don’t forget to watch official Etude House commercial and how to use! Play Etude! 


Date A Live Chapter XIII: “11:11”

What does this mean to you?

It’s 11:11

When there’s not much time left to the day

When we used to make wishes and laugh

Everything reminds me of you

The wind is as cold as the edge of your heart

When I open the window, you blow in

When this time passes

Will this break up be over?

Will I forget you?


It’s 11:11 alright. This set of numbers have two particularly interesting meanings. To the faithful, it has an angelic meaning of some sorts. To the wider audience, 11:11 is probably most recognizable as “Single’s Day” which occurs on November 11th, or actually it’s just about being single. 

I know it makes little sense to post something about a date long past, but I feel like with the notorious “Blue Monday” and even as my birthday went by (interestingly my birthday fell upon a Blue Monday last year), I felt I had not much to show for or be really happy of. My ex and I recently started talking more properly again, after a small cold shoulder from yours truly. Wishing me a happy birthday sunshine. I don’t know whether that’s supposed to sound cheesy or an attempt at a friendly handshake. 

I also found that my other ex (the one before the most recent ex, yes sadly people break up with me all too easily) has left two likes for me at my Instagram pictures; most notably my birthday posts. I guess this also should just be viewed as a silent and neutral way of saying “Happy Birthday”. Looking back at what these two did to me, I would’ve and should’ve despised them, loathed them and publicly shame them for the pain they inflicted on me and the suffering they have caused me. Yet somehow I feel like I long for familiarity, for their love or more specifically one of their love again. 

We’ve had the year of a lot of tragedies behind us and an inauguration of a supposedly awful president. In these roaring times I just yearn for some familiar comfort. Me being the picky two shoes I am, finds that the likes of Tinder ain’t cutting it anymore. 

On a more positive note, I have been trying to step up my game more fashionably, become more recognizable and stand out more better, be the apparent diva I am but mostly draw attention to me. Positively or negatively, if I entered somebody’s mind, I must’ve done something right! But still it doesn’t completely take my insecurities and loneliness away. If I could hug one of my exes, I would but even at this moment, I know I want to continue where we left off before it got so rudely cut off. Like I told my most recent ex, “you didn’t even give me the opportunity to completely try and prove myself; do my best and that’s a shame”. It’s true. I think if people held onto their faith as much as they listen to other people, who knows what beautiful relationship they could’ve have? 

I’m not perfect, I’m far from being the brilliant diamond I aspire to be, but I’m realistic, play on my strengths and accept my flaws. I’m still looking at my calendar, thinking of the wishes we once made, the promises that have told and the warmth that we shared. As much as my other friends would hate me to go back to one of my exes, my door is always open, albeit the door is to be ajar. What can you say about the people who seemed to be ideal to you and know everything about you, yet smartly blamed you for the failure of the relationship haha? 

I think the best thing is to really move on yeah, but how? Somebody has formed a precedent about me being unhealthy, and another person made a precedent about me being the unmanliest. The contacts are frozen, partially severed but the love isn’t entirely dead. Though I still hope, I skeptically and enviously gaze upon the successful, those with love I desire but apparently can only hope to get. 


I Am 2016 | Review of a year

As the way I started my blog hopefully, I will start 2017 also hopefully, with the right set of mind that while I cannot control everything, I do have amazing control over myself as person, my goals and my future life. I need to learn to expand upon that and exploit that in 2017 more properly. Here’s to all of you always standing by my side, whether or not I was crying from the many heartbreaks or just sharing another story of my life, writing lets a lot of feelings loose, I can definitely recommend it to everybody. 

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